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Welcome to my series of 30-Minute Workouts

All of these are either Walking, Jogging, Sprinting, possibly some Body Weight Exercises, or a mixture of components.



The workouts are designed for everyone/every skill level.


The 30 Minute Programs are designed for those who:  Need Bite-Sized Exercise

  • Are you Short on Time?

  • Don't Feel Ready for a Long Program Yet?


The 30-Minute Programs allow you to build your own length of a workout.

  • Pair a 30-Minute Workouts with any of the 10-Minute Workouts to extend your time

  • Combine (2) two of the 30-Minute Workouts to give yourself a 60-Minute Session

  • Mix & Match in the Time YOU Have


What Are You Waiting For?  Scroll Down and try a Bite Today!

  • You can Do IT!  Just - 30 minutes of movement/exercise today


Want a Shorter Training Program?

 Click Here for FREE 10 M&M




NOTE: Workouts can be intense so please rest as needed, especially when combining workouts for longer sessions. 

Tips & Tricks to Find Bites of Time Today

Looking for a Bite of Time?

  • 30 minutes will provide benefits and gives you a place to get started

My Goal is to Help You:

  • Look for those Bite-Sized Opportunities of Time

  • Learn to Take Advantage of the Bite-Sized Moments

  • Change your Perspective about What Qualifies as an Opportunity for Exercise

Tips & Tricks:

  • Get up 30 minutes earlier

  • Do it on your lunch break

  • Right after you get off work

  • After dinner

  • While watching TV **(you don't have to sit to watch TV)

  • During your kids sports practice  **(You don't have to sit there while they practice)

  • During the warm up time before your kids sports game

  • Personally, I don't even sit during the game.  Just standing and watching gives me the opportunity to move more.

  • Waiting for an appointment

  • Take the Stairs

  • Park Farther Away from the Door

  • Drink More Water so You HAVE to Walk to the Bathroom More Often

What will you choose to help you get started?

Can You Find Other Bite-Sized Moments?

Remember! Getting Movement Exercise into your day:

  • Does NOT have to come in a big block of time

  • Does NOT have to be in a gym

  • It CAN BE sprinkled through the day

  • It CAN BE in Bite-Sized Pieces

30 MWS #1

  • Walk 3 minutes

  • Jog 1.5 minutes

  • Sprint 20 seconds

  • Jog 10 seconds

  • REPEAT 5 Times

  • After the 5th time, continue Jogging for

and additional 1.5 Minutes​

  • Now, ALL OUT SPRINT for as Long as

you can until "maxed-out"​

  • Walk for 3 minutes

30MWS #2

  • Walk 3 minutes

  • Jog 1.5 minutes

  • Sprint 20 seconds

  • Jog 10 seconds

  • REPEAT 5 Times

  • After your 5th time, continue jogging

for another 1.5 minutes

  • Now, SPRINT ALL OUT for as Long as you can

  • Walk for 3 minutes

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